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The Lounge Kittens are more than just a novelty cover act - that doesn't quite do them justice.

The Lounge Kittens are back

We first saw them at Sonisphere Festival in 2014 when they took to the stage with Limp Bizkit to help them perform Rollin' - their cover of which had originally propelled them to internet fame.

Since then they have blossomed. A debut album arrived in 2016 via crowdfunding, and it's that method of funding the Southampton trio have again turned to for this six-track EP.

Again they have provided some whip-cracking acapella covers through that unique vocal harmony style. These girls are arguably at their finest when they are tongue-in-cheek impersonating wailing guitars in between the lyrical sections with some gravelly 'wow-wows' and 'ba-da-bas'.

The songs getting their treatment this time are DJ Fresh's Gold Dust; System of A Down's Violent Pornography; The Middle by Jimmy Eat World; OMI - Cheerleader; One Step Closer by Linkin' Park and Thunder's Love Walked In.

The Lounge Kittens are Zan (The Pink One), Timia (The Blue One) and Jen (The Red One)

The Middle works best of these six tracks. Their vocal style flows effortlessly with the rhythms of the original. Slowed down slightly and with the alt-rock edge removed it leaves a smooth cocktail to enjoy.

Also well worth a listen is the DJ Fresh cover. Again, the pitched vocals suit the song well. The piano gives it a softer feel to the hard beats of the original. And their harmonised delivery again sounds pitch-perfect - they are all excellent singers.

And Cheerleader even finds to have some fun by throwing in a splash of The Merrymen's Feeling Hot and Give it Up by KC & The Sunshine Band.


Some of the others touch too much on the zany and lose some of the ferocious intent of the source material.

One Step Closer in this fashion sounds a little false. When they get to the section where Chester Bennington would scream "SHUT UP!" it veers too close to toe curling and the comic aspect of their act falls slightly flat.

But that style does work for Violent Pornography and shows how true SOAD's original point was about that aspect of the film industry.

But minor blips along the road don't spoil the EP. It's great to have one of our more adventurous artists back in the fold.

Rating: 7/10

The Lounge Kittens play Birmingham's Hare & Hounds on March 28

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