Jailed: Telford lottery pervert sent fetish messages to girl

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A "bizarre" lottery winner from Telford who bombarded a girl with messages asking her to dress up in leather and kill mice for him has been jailed for three years.

Steven Kitchen, who won £270,000 on a lottery in 1989, told the girl he would take her shopping if she went along with it.

The 50-year-old, from Woodside also sent hundreds of messages to the girl's sister, Shrewsbury Crown Court heard.

He admitted two charges of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity at a previous court hearing and appeared to be sentenced.

Mr Trevor Meegan, prosecuting, said: "He, it is clear, has a fascination, a sexual fetish, both with leather and women dressed in leather killing animals.

"The victims had known the defendant for a number of years.

"The defendant sent them repeated sexual messages, some on the subject of killing mice.

"The defendant seemed to be a popular character in the local area, probably not least because of a lottery win of £270,000 some years ago.

"One of the victims was also sent messages on Facebook asking her to tread on mice and to try on some leather boots and a leather skirt.


"He said if she went along with his requests he would take her shopping."

Mr Meegan said Kitchen's house was searched after the matter was reported. Police found leather boots, a leather waistcoat and a size six leather dress.

"He admitted he would be turned on when he spoke to girls about hunting," the prosecutor added.

In a victim impact statement read out in court, one of the girls said Kitchen "made her skin crawl" and made her feel "physically sick"


"He clearly wanted us to kill mice for his sexual pleasure," she said.

Mr Simon Warlock, for Kitchen, said his client blew his £270,000 lottery win in just eight years because of a long-standing drug addiction.

"This is bizarre behaviour," Mr Warlock said.

"He is a 50-year-old lonely man who has no relationships, no family of his own.

"He knows how it looks."

Judge Jim Tindal, sentencing Kitchen, said he was a "troubling individual" who had the potential to be dangerous.

"In your past you may well have presented as a popular character. you were considered to be good company," the judge said.

"It probably had a little bit to do with the fact you were a lottery winner.

"However, you have shown a propensity for inappropriate sexual behaviour towards children.

"The sinister side of your character has come out."

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