Nurse's devastation after death of grandson at Telford hospital

By Dominic Robertson | Telford | Health | Published:

A nurse has told a tribunal of her 'devastation' after her baby grandson died at a Telford maternity unit.

The hearing has been told that Baby K's paternal grandmother took her own notes during his delivery because she was concerned about the standard of care at Telford's Princess Royal Hospital.

Baby K was immediately given a ventilation mask and his heart rate went up to more than 100 beats per minute after he was delivered on August 19, 2015.

But he died four days later, having been unable to breathe on his own.

Kerry Davies, Laura Jones, and Hayley Lacey, are facing claims that they did not properly monitor the birth and Davies alone is accused of limiting his chance of survival.


The grandmother, a trained nurse, was so troubled about the standard of care that received that she made notes on her computer.

When she later compared them to those made by the midwives she alleges that there were a number of entries of care that did not take place.

She believes partogram entries showing times that the mother's heartbeat and the heartbeat of her newborn son were monitored were added later.


Her notes are at the heart of the NMC's evidence of misconduct against the midwives.

She was asked by Siobhan Caslin, for the NMC, how likely it was that she would not have noticed the mother's heartbeat being monitored every 15 minutes between 3pm and 8.20pm.

She replied: "Not very likely, we would have had to move aside to give someone else access her."

She added: "We have talked about it as a family. It has been a major devastation for us."


She was asked if she had discussed the events of the hearing with any of her family members since she began giving evidence to this tribunal.

She said: "No we have made it very clear it has taken us three years to get here we are not going to do anything that would put this hearing in jeopardy."

Baby K's mother has told the hearing she is convinced her son could have survived had his standard of care been better.

Jones and Lacey are charged with dishonestly recording the foetal heartbeat of Baby K amending the record later so that it appeared that they had recorded it when they had not.

Both Jones and Davies admit failing to call a porter to assist in the transfer of the mum to the Consultant Led Unit.

Davies admits not recording the foetal heart rate at 8.05pm, the last opportunity before Baby K was transferred to intensive care but denies that this led to the loss of chance of survival.

She is the only midwife charged with causing the loss of chance of survival of Baby K.

Lacey and Jones each deny being responsible for the care of the mother at 6.05pm and 6.20pm when they are said to have failed to have recorded the foetal heartbeat.

The tribunal continues.

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