Stressed students given exam day advice by Shropshire college

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Stressed students might be dreading exam results day this year, but a Shropshire college has offered some advice to help them to stay calm ahead of the big day.

A Level results will be released tomorrow, with GCSE results day falling on August 22.

Kirsty Davies, Wrekin College director of wellbeing, said: "Don’t bottle your feelings up. However you are feeling in the run-up to results or after collecting them, make sure you share your nerves with parents, family or friends.

“Look after your physical health, by eating healthy, regular meals and try to get a good night’s sleep. Feeling tired and unwell will not help you at a time when you may have important decisions to make.”

She said there are a number of ways to help deal with stress, including looking at dedicated apps which help specifically with relaxation techniques.

“Physical exercise often helps to calm and distract, so do whatever you enjoy, like going for a run, yoga or going to the gym,” says Kirsty.

“In the run-up to opening the envelope, you could try breathing techniques – there are many methods but basically they boil down to slowing down your breathing. Try counting to five as you breathe in and to five again as you exhale.”

Kirsty said that students should not worry if they do not get the grades they expect.

She said: “Remember, exams are important but they are not the only way to a successful future. Many people achieve success in life without doing well in exams."


But regardless of result, getting through the exams is something to be marked and celebrated.

Kirsty said: “Arrange a treat because however the results pan out, you should celebrate in at least some small way to mark the start of the next stage of their lives.

“Do reassure your child that whilst exam results are important, there are other ways to reach success.

“If your son or daughter has achieved their optimal grades, the advice is simple – celebrate. But if things have not gone to plan it is important that perspective is kept and your approach is pragmatic and supportive.”


Headmaster Tim Firth stressed that while exam grades are important, they are definitely not the be all and end all for students.

“Exam results say just as much about a person’s work ethic and dedication as they do about academic aptitude,” he said.

“But there is little link between exam grades and people’s ability in the workplace or prospect of promotion once in the workplace.

“Pupils who are multi-tasking at school, taking an energetic part in the wide variety of activities on offer here and prepared for the world of work are the ones who will do the best later in life, and this is what Wrekin College is all about.

“The grades get you through the door and they do matter, but what matters more is what people do when they are through the door.”

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By Mat Growcott
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