Entire Shropshire parish council resigns after being 'ignored'

By Aimee Jones | Ludlow | Politics | Published:

All four members of a rural parish council have resigned, claiming they have been 'ignored' by Shropshire Council.

The entire membership of Nash Parish Council, in south Shropshire, have resigned with immediate effect.

They said they have no influence over the local authority and many feel like they are wasting their time.

Former chairman Michael Walters said: "We've all resigned and packed up. At our last meeting we discussed what we have achieved and what we have done - and the answer is nothing."

Mr Walters, who has been a Nash parish councillor for about nine years, said he doesn't feel like the council has any influence over Shropshire Council.

"We discuss all of the planning applications happening in Nash, some we object to and some we agree with, but the council don't take it on board," he said.

"It was the only thing we felt we could have an input on and try to make a difference. We sent letters to the planning department and they never reply. If they approve or disapprove of that application we never know.

"There is no point in just having meetings for the sake of it."

Mr Walters spoke to his three former councillors earlier this week to discuss their decision to leave.


He said: "They all said they no longer felt relevant and that we're wasting our time and tax payers' money.

"It is said that parish councils are the first line of democracy, and those are fine words, but it's not true anymore. Parish councils have been in existence since 1894. Everything seemed to work but now they are forcing us to change.

"Things are also moving onto the internet which has made it very awkward for us dinosaurs."

Nash Parish Council will now have to elect four new members to represent the village's 266 electors.


Mr Walters added: "We have got a new clerk who might write to everyone in the parish and ask if they want to from a council or maybe it will possibly amalgamate with a another parish council to share the costs.

"But whatever happens, I will no longer be part of it."

Last year Bromfield Parish Council, also in south Shropshire, folded when no-one stood for election.

However, after a year of uncertainty the parish council has now reformed.

Aimee Jones

By Aimee Jones

Senior reporter based at the Shropshire Star's Shrewsbury office, covering Shrewsbury, North Shropshire and South Shropshire.


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