Delays of today are crippling

By Andy Richardson | Opinions | Published:

The effect of delayed decision-making in our region’s NHS has been crippling.

The ongoing saga surrounding Future Fit has caused turbulence and a lack of confidence in all aspects of health care.

Highly skilled professionals who might otherwise have applied for jobs in our region have decided to look elsewhere, making it harder to fill gaps and obtain the sort of quality that health leaders might like.

It is not just recruitment that has been undermined by the never-ending issues surrounding Future Fit. Public confidence has been eroded, money has been wasted and the ability of health managers to plan ahead has also been curtailed.

Now, a charity dedicated to supporting PRH has revealed how it too has been affected. It has explained how the uncertainty around Future Fit has persuaded it not to carry out work or buy expensive equipment until decisions are made.

The results are a further diminution in standards; for a health service that stands still is a health service that stagnates.

It is an entirely understandable response to a set of circumstances that do nobody credit. The period of delay is mind-boggling.

There have been consultations and reports, delays and political arguments. But for all of the to-ing and fro-ing, the NHS in our region remains in stasis. It is unable to move forward or make meaningful change until final decisions are made.

On a larger scale, the nation has observed the paralysis caused by Brexit. Business, culture, industry – none can move forward until the issue is resolved. It has invaded all areas of public and private life. Its ability to strike deals, be outwardly confident has been impaired.


Why would anyone want to do a deal with Britain when it has been so indecisive, when the politicians do not follow the electorate’s instruction, when it is mired in political in-fighting and turmoil.

The parallels with Future Fit are obvious. The local health service, so important to our towns and communities, is stuck. It can neither move forward nor address the critical issues that it faces.

For the good of all, we need our health professionals to get on with it and resolve Future Fit once and for all.

The continuing delays harm us all.

Andy Richardson

By Andy Richardson
Feature Writer - @andyrichardson1

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