Endgame in the Brexit farce

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We are now entering the endgame in the Brexit farce. My view is that the arguments from both sides do democracy a disservice.

I suppose in terms of a hierarchy ranging from those being opaque to outright hypocritical liars then I would say the remainers generally are at the opaque end of the continuum with Farage and Rees-Mogg shining brightly at the other end. I’ll explain.

Pre-referendum, Farage was claiming that we were about to be swamped with millions of new migrants from Turkey who he claimed were a dead cert for joining the EU and that we were going to be able to save our NHS with £350 million weekly saved by our Brexit.

Both Farage and Rees-Mogg have their own personal Brexit strategies. Farage has secured German passports for his two children (giving them perpetual freedom of movement that will be denied to the rest of us) and Rees-Mogg’s investment company moved out to Ireland because of fears that Brexit will be bad for business.

This is unconscionable deception demanding catastrophic deprivation for millions whilst they plan for their own salvation.

Then you have the political little white lies of Labour. Claiming that they can produce a deal that enables us to be in the Customs Union and Single Market whilst controlling our borders and being able to determine our own trade deals is the equivalent of cancelling your Sky subscription but demanding all of the channels you used to have.

We cannot trust any of these politicians to tell us straight what they really feel about Brexit and we cannot let them make such a momentous decision that will change the course of British history.

We must have another referendum choosing between the government’s deal and remain to put these pathetic politicians out of their misery.

Councillor Pat McCarthy, Telford and Wrekin Green Party

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