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Decision time on Brexit is fast approaching.

There are only three choices – Theresa May’s deal, no deal or Remain.

Boris Johnson is saying he would get a better deal from the EU by not paying half the “divorce bill” of £39 billion. Don’t let him hoodwink the British people again.

This approach is not creditable, would be hugely damaging and we would be humiliated when Boris had to back down.

Why would this approach not work?

Firstly, not paying the divorce bill would be breaking our legal obligations. Theresa May has correctly said many times that the UK will honour its legal obligations because any failure to do so would damage the UK’s international reputation, lead to our credit rating being reduced and increase the interest our Government pays on all borrowing.

Secondly, why would the EU give a better deal to Boris? Someone who has insulted them, who wants to bully and threaten them.

Thirdly, the EU could easily retaliate if Boris withheld the divorce payment.

Doesn’t he understand that it would be relatively ease for the EU to put a surcharge on ever car, lorry, ship or plane crossing the English Channel? Complete chaos would ensue and very quickly Boris would have to go to Brussels to beg that the charges were withdrawn.


He could whistle but the EU would demand he paid all the divorce bill up front to reverse the charges.

Don’t listen to Boris, he has done enough damage to our country.

If you are bored with Brexit then consider this.

By adopting Theresa May’s deal there will be two years of negotiations to finalise the deal, and then at least 10 years agreeing new trade deals with other countries. Crashing out with a no deal will mean 20 plus years of negotiations and serious damage to our standard of living.


These two options would mean that we would all be listening to Brexit talks for years to come.

Remain would mean no negotiations and Brexit would soon be off the headlines.

Only the Hard Brexiteers would carry on moaning, but we could ignore them.

Bill McClements, Apley

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