Decline in the UK is because of the amount we pay to EU

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As is usual when a critical response to a letter is made, it is invariably because the critic ignores the point made and tends to put their own incorrect slant on the content.

Terry Hillier is one of them, his letter or 11 April does just that. The theme running through most of my letters is that the EU is responsible for the decline in our United Kingdom. The point is we have to pay so much money into the EU that our government is ignoring the problems that have arisen since we have been dragged ever deeper into the mess that is the EU.

So Terry re-read the letter and realise that the point being made is that the decline in the UK is due to a shortage of money because too much goes to the EU.

I am puzzled when he supports my point about litter, particularly when he says “I have been to quite a few countries and never seen the amount of rubbish that can be seen in this country.” I would imagine that some of the countries have been in the EU which rather supports my point that it is our money being used to keep them litter free to the detriment of the UK.

Terry you had your people’s vote on the 23 June 2016, live with it. Like Steve Hale (letters 5 April), claiming that a million + people can demand a people’s vote as he puts it, the actual number according to reports was more like 300,000, and when the number reaches 17.4 million who voted to leave then maybe they could be heard!

Peter Harman, Tibberton

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