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Peter Rhodes continues to disappoint, but not surprise, in his recent comments on the ‘climate emergency’, ambitions to become ‘carbon neutral’ and his “suffering from Armageddon overload” (April 23).

Intriguingly, he admits he “opted for diesel because the experts told us it would save the planet” (April 29).

Given Peter’s then concern for saving the planet, or more accurately protecting humanity and the wider natural world, it is disappointing that he appears more cynical today towards the growing and substantial evidence of climate change and recent report on the major threat to the natural world (‘Action call to defend wildlife’, May 6).

Many people are sincerely and thoughtfully responding to these real challenges by calling for a ‘climate emergency’, substantial action locally, nationally and internationally, to shift our economies towards carbon neutrality.

Peter is particularly disappointing in his criticism of the 16-year-old Greta Thunberg – “it seems there is enough spare fuel to import strident teenagers from Sweden to give us all a good telling-off”. If he had done a little research on her travels he could have highlighted her use of trains and electric vehicles (not flights) to travel from her home across Europe.

Perhaps Peter should emulate her by doing his homework.

Robert Saunders, Telford

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