BBC debate was just useless

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I sat through the future PM debate on the BBC and marvelled as to how badly organised and in fact unnecessary (the public won’t be voting) this was.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt on the BBC debate

We had MPs sitting on strange looking chairs with Boris swinging his feet, whilst Emily Maitlis (who should never be handed any programme of this nature again) constantly interrupted and prevented any candidate who she obviously did not favour from answering questions. There should have been equal time for all.

What was somewhat worrying was the contestants’ desire to seemingly mirror Labour’s economically insane ideas.

Reduction in income tax whether for high or low earners? Certainly. More cash for the NHS, education and mental health? Of course.

End VAT and replace it with a sales tax which will bring in less? Yes indeed. Splash the cash for councils? Most definitely.

I did not hear any mention of the fact that we still run a current deficit and pay huge amounts of interest on the cumulative debt. Ah, but as a percentage of GDP it’s going down. So what!

It was all too predictable and I’m afraid in most cases very wobbly regarding exit from the EU at the end of October.

How totally useless it all was!

Alan M Etheridge, West Midlands

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