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I agree with B Parsons of Coseley. It is unfair to blame Boris Johnson for Sir Kim Darroch’s resignation because of the leaked document.

Boris Johnson

It is the person who has leaked this information that should be held fully responsible and every effort should be made to find them, as this has caused irreparable damage to this country and not to forget that the USA is our closest ally.

It appears some people enjoy making fun and ‘mocking’ a bright enthusiastic person who is popular and who could be our next Prime Minister such as Boris Johnson. One thing is for certain, Mr Johnson is a true Brexiteer unlike Mr Hunt who was and still is a Remainer at heart, so how can he fully believe in leaving the EU? A leopard never changes its spots.

The same goes for the Chancellor Philip Hammond another Remainer who holds the ‘purse strings’ and who dominated Mrs May.

Sir John Major says he doesn’t know Boris Johnson well but he could not give him his vote of support and if necessary he would take Mr Johnson to court if he tried to shut down Parliament. Sir John said he was speaking for the people who do not have a voice to speak.

I was aware that the people in this country had already spoken in June 2016 when they voted democratically to leave the EU. Now many of the 48 per cent Remain voters have now accepted to leave the EU and just want to get on with it, not to have people taken to court wasting time and money just because they disagree with the result. Like Gina Miller who has come into the limelight once again trying to stop Brexit and is now targeting Boris Johnson sending him a letter saying, “I will take you to court to block a ‘no deal”.

What a pity Gina Miller and Sir John Major are both missing the point. Boris Johnson wants to bring this country together not keep it separated as it is at the moment, he wants to make Britain the best country in the world and what is wrong with that?

Gina Miller and Sir John Major want to bring the country down by going to court and dividing the country.

Negativity does no one or this country any favours at all.


Jackie Lewis, Pattingham

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