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Andrew Wild, (Letters, July 11), raised many controversial points in his letter concerning Brexit.

The one which was most contentious, in my view, was his vehement rebuttal of the viewpoint that we should be listening to the opinions of the younger generation with regard to Brexit, dismissing this as “rubbish”.

Why should we impose the restrictions of Brexit on the younger generation when we, I speak as a retired person, have enjoyed all the economic, cultural and freedom of movement benefits that EU membership has bestowed? I am furious that these rights will be taken away, furious for my own generation but also for the younger generation; our children and grandchildren.

What right have we to take these benefits away based on a referendum in which lies, deceit and, not least, vested interests prevailed?

In Mr Wild’s final point he cites the views of those who “fought in the battlefield during the Second World War”. Many of these veterans, all in their 90s now, were interviewed just a few weeks ago during the ceremonies to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings. All the interviewees spoke of their opposition to Brexit and of their belief that the formation and continuance of the EU had played a vital role in keeping peace within the EU nations for the last 75 years.

If no deal Brexit takes place we will be placed in a subservient position, seeking to negotiate trade deals as a matter of urgency. It seems illogical to leave the EU, a huge and powerful trading block, in which the UK had a powerful voice, only to creep back to them seeking trade deals and negotiating from a position of weakness.

We could of course kowtow to Donald Trump who has already made his agenda very clear, namely to asset strip the UK starting with our health service. Inevitably it will be “America First” at the expense of the UK. Would another condition be that we would have to support the USA’s inevitable military action against Iran?

Is this really “taking back control?”

Is it really what we want for ourselves, our children and grandchildren?


Christine Jenkins, Shrewsbury

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