Roll on thunderstorms

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Ay oop!, Terry Hillier, thunderstorms “a bad omen”? I don’t think so.

Though thunderstorms are dangerous they are also a great blessing, they can be a great help to man and all creatures.

The rain from the thunderstorms washes away many pollutants out of the air. Without thunderstorms many continents would become dry, fish would die, crops would fail and animals would die. They help our Earth maintain its electrical balance, because the lightning helps transfer negative charges back to Earth. The lightning helps fertilise the soil. The heat and pressure from the lightning turns nitrogen and other gases in the air into useful compounds that are a natural fertiliser, which helps plants make vital proteins, and it produces ozone, which is a vital gas in our atmosphere.

What’s not to like? Hopefully Tuesday night’s storms were a splendid omen of turning all the negative gurning we’ve had for three years from all the grey, fearful, hide-under-the-covers and hold-onto-nanny’s-hand, rational, logical people’s view of a terrible future (which is what we will get as a nation if we stay with the bureaucrats) into our old “do or die”, feisty, take-the-big-risk-to-avoid-failure dogma, at which we hoi poloi are so good.

When you are used to living by the skin of your teeth, as are so many of the under-class, you understand that soft living makes soft thinking, that will cling onto its comforts at all costs, regardless of the outcome. Hopefully, Boris Johnson will “hijack the English language” and win back this dreary, negative nation to something much more positive and self-affirming, with a belief in its own potential and the ability to go it alone. Roll on the thunderstorms, we need you more than ever.

N Jones, Shrewsbury

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