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Over the last week I have come across three stories that I find totally disgusting and unacceptable in completely different ways and are typical of the rottenness of politics in this country.

1. A 50 year-old woman with terminal ovarian cancer in the colon, liver and spleen, on morphine and restricted to a wheelchair, was stripped of her disability benefit, leaving her only £6 a week for her food. Disgraceful.

2. A single father, with three young children, took his own life whilst having to wait 3 weeks for Universal Credit. He only had £4.61p in his bank account. Suffer the little children. Disgraceful.

3. After being kicked out by his wife, who also kept the furniture, Boris Johnson is asking for us, the taxpayer to buy him a bed for when he moves into 10 Downing Street. This man is a multi-millionaire and earns more money in one year than most people earn in their lifetime, yet we the public have to buy him a bed for him. Astonishing. Disgraceful.

I continuously ask how do Tories sleep at night. Some people tell me it is because they just don't understand, they are ignorant, they think everyone lives as well as they do. However, others say it's because they just don't care. As long as they're alright, then it's blow the rest of the citizens of this country. I must say, based on many years of experience, that I subscribe to the latter.

Andrew C Dyke, Gobowen

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