Woodings & Co

Specialising in a range of bridal jewellery, from wedding bands to silver jewellery for your wedding.

Woodings and Co offer a huge variety of products, as well as providing a bespoke design service using Counter Sketch 3D. Their line of stock is extensive, offering the largest selection of wedding bands in Shropshire.

All styles of wedding band and engagement ring are available in any width and weight, produced in a variety of metals from the traditional gold to the more modern titanium and palladium, usually chosen for their hard wearing qualities.

Diamond set rings are also available. As their speciality, Woodings and Co are confident in their wide collection, priding themselves on finding the perfect match for you whether it's in stock or they create it through traditional techniques.

For custom designs such as Stuller designed rings, they offer a bespoke, computer aided design (CAD) service that utilises Counter Sketch 3D. To ensure you're happy with the design, you see a computer generated example that can then be amended and created.

All of the manufacturing is performed on site and made to your exact specification, with 0% finance also available.

Aside from wedding bands, Woodings and Co also stock eternity rings, pendants and earrings. Although their specialisation is in bridal jewellery, they also cater for bridesmaids, mothers and grooms.

Whether it's silver jewellery to compliment the bridesmaids dress or pearls for the mothers to wear, their large product range has something for everyone.

Not forgetting the groom, there is a selection of vintage watches to choose from, ensuring a practical piece of jewellery that will also hold sentimental value.

We also have an onsite designer and workshop so customising jewellery is our speciality. We are happy to take on commissions, rebuilds or repairs.

Based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, Woodings and Co are specialists in the field of bridal jewellery, with a product line wide enough to cater for other members of the wedding party. To find out more about what they offer, why not check their website.